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Your Spring Cleaning Checklist


Getting Your Home Ready For the Season Ahead

Winter is officially behind us, and the promise of April showers and May flowers are right ahead. For many homeowners, this is the perfect time to do significant cleaning throughout the home.

From purging your closets to reorganizing your kitchen cabinets, a good deep Spring cleaning could be a great way to start the season off strong. However, when you are creating your to-do list, and tackling your chores, we have a few things to look for below. Here’s the checklist every homeowner will want to consider:

Create a Room-by-Room List

As you begin creating your list of spring to-do’s inside and out, set your priorities and where you want to start. For instance, consider starting with your most occupied rooms, like your kitchen and living room, and then move onto your bathrooms and bedrooms. Are you planning to pack winter clothes and items away? That could be pushed to the bottom of your list since the warm weather is still a little while away.

No matter what order you choose, be sure to detail each task you want to be completed in each room.

Check Your Supplies

Your next step is to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done. From storage containers to cleaning supplies, take a good look at your home to see what you might need to replenish before you get started. Have an old vacuum that doesn’t seem to fully get the job done? Now is the perfect time to consider upgrading to a more allergy-friendly model, one that’s equipped with a HEPA filter or created with filtration in mind.

Consider Your Air Quality

When creating a shopping list for cleaning supplies, consider choosing more air-friendly options (such as green cleaners). If you do decide to use chemical cleaners for rooms like your bathroom, don’t forget to vent the room properly by opening windows and utilizing the fans. Doing so will ensure your air quality stays high, and your bathroom gets the deep cleaning it needs.

When it comes to other living spaces throughout your home, consider deep cleaning any items where dust may linger. Some hidden spots to consider adding to your list include:

  • Under couches, chairs, or stationary furniture

  • Blinds and curtains

  • Throw pillows, throw blankets, and sheets

  • Deep clean or shampoo any rugs or carpets

Now’s the time to consider creating a weekly and biweekly cleaning list to keep your home allergen-free and clean all season long.

Look for Minor Issues and Fix Before they Become Major

While you’re dusting, organizing, and cleaning, be mindful of any issues or sudden oddities you see throughout your home. For instance, in your kitchen, if you hear a gurgle or slow draining sink, make a note to schedule a drain cleaning. Look for moisture around and of your plumbing, and look for any minor leaks that could have gotten past you until now.

The same goes for your bathroom. Is your toilet running a little longer than it should, slow draining shower, or are you experiencing low water pressure? All these things should be addressed as they are often a sign of a hidden issue that could be causing significant problems down the road.

If you are noticing more dust than usual throughout your home, or uneven temps in each room, you’ll want to consider changing your air filters and getting your air ducts looked at. Often an easy fix, if ignored, these issues can put stress on your system and lead to excessive energy usage.

Outdoor Tips

If you begin cleaning up outside or planting some of your favorite flowers and plants, look for a few hidden issues.

Sewer issues: If there is an unpleasant odor, or your lawn is suddenly unhealthy, or water is accumulating in spots, it might be time to repair your septic tank.

Hidden Water Leaks: Been noticing a higher than average water bill? While you’re out there, take a look at your water meter before starting your cleanup. Avoid using any water, and take a look at your meter a few hours later. If the number has changed at all, you might have a hidden leak.

Schedule Your Routine Services With Our Team!

While you go through your list and start checking things off, don’t forget to turn on your AC to ensure it’s ready for the season ahead. Now is the time to schedule all routine maintenance, too. From tune-ups, duct cleaning, to plumbing inspections, these annual visits from our professionals can protect you from major and costly repairs down the road.

Please give our friendly team at Frasier’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. a call at (715) 804-0947 to schedule your appointment or visit our website to learn more about our plumbing services!

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