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Our Flip-Flop Christmas

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It’s been a year filled with change. So much has happened. So Joanna and I are taking a little break down south.


This year, just like we did last December, we’re spending a quiet Christmas together in Florida.

Now, I must admit, I was skeptical about spending the holidays in the Sunshine State. Last year, I was sure I’d be yearning for a traditional white Christmas with pines, oaks, and the snow-kissed landscapes of the Northwoods.

2 pairs of flip-flops propped up on a beach. One of the flip-flops has a mini Santa hat on it. Across the top are the words

But let me tell you… the south has its own kind of enchantment. So many lights – not only on beach houses, but also on the sailboats! We loved celebrating the season with new friends with a Christmas dinner.

It was truly magical. So, this Christmas, we’re once again trading parkas and snow boots for Bermuda shorts and flip-flops.

2 pairs of flip-flops propped up on a beach. One of the flip-flops has a mini Santa hat on it. Across the bottom are the words

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ll always love Christmas in the Northwoods. There’s nothing like that first big snow, the smells of the season wafting through the air, Main Street decked out in all its Christmas glory, and spending time at home with our beautiful family. These cherished holiday memories will always have a special place in our hearts.

Every now and then, it’s good to step away from the familiar and experience life in a whole new way. Sure, there are little things I’ll miss this winter, like the calming, familiar aroma of wood smoke going down Highway K making sure my fan is not on recirculate, but it’s bringing in the outside air, cause I love the smell of the wood smoke pouring out of those Northwoods homes.

But it seems only fitting to close out a year of change with a change of scenery. Yes, it’ll be different… and that’s okay. We’re just going to enjoy the moment and pray for God’s guidance and protection over our family, friends, and neighbors in 2024.

2 pairs of flip-flops propped up on a beach. One of the flip-flops has a mini Santa hat on it. Across the bottom are the words

As Joanna and I celebrate another flip-flop Florida Christmas, there’s a tiny twinge of longing for the familiar. Yet, in that longing, we find the richness in our memories and the promise of new traditions.

Merry Christmas, Neighbor.

Phil Frasier

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