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Little Jiggle Dance

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To be with my Uncle Dave in Canada on the day he caught a 47-inch pike was amazing.

When the fish swam by the boat, Uncle Dave said, “If that ain’t forty inches, I’ll eat my shorts.”

It was the biggest pike of his life, and my uncle has caught many a pike in his day.


The icing on the cake… it was his 75th birthday.

By the way, Dave’s the uncle that took me fishing for the first time when I was five.

My nephew and two friends also joined us on that Canadian trip, and we caught hundreds, maybe even a thousand. Northern, lake trout, brook trout, and trophy walleyes.

Three of us had our personal best walleye, and two of us had our personal best pike.


It was a great trip.

But the highlight was watching Uncle Dave get excited and jump around like a little kid when he hooked a big one.

My nephew Adam happened to catch Uncle Dave doing a little jiggle dance on camera after he caught a big lake trout.

He’s caught thousands and thousands of fish in his 75 years, and still gets excited. I love that.

Uncle Dave still gets giddy over something he’s been doing all his life.


I think we should all take Uncle Dave’s example and do a little jiggle dance when you’re doing what you love.

What still gets you excited? Whatever it is, I suggest you do a whole lot more of it.

Take care, neighbor. Take good care.

P.S. – Here’s Uncle Dave doing his little jiggle dance. Talk about a whopper of a birthday present! Oh, by the way, he didn’t have to eat his shorts.

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