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Friendly Tips on How to Improve Indoor Air Quality


If someone told you that your indoor air quality wasn’t top-notch, would you really believe them? Unlike smelling a foul garbage can in the room nearby, your indoor air quality is something that usually falls right under the radar. Luckily, there are a few ways to not only help improve it, but to make sure that it stays in tip-top shape. Make sure to take notes, because class is now in session:

New Filters

It’s a very common trend in many homes across the nation for homeowners to forget to replace their HVAC filters. Regardless of replacing it once, this very important piece of the puzzle must be swapped out on a regular basis. Granted, even if your filter looks clean, but was placed in your unit a few months ago, it’s time to upgrade it.

The reason why this is important is because dirty HVAC filters make a unit work harder than it has to. Additionally, using an old filter will also make it harder for it to stop any new, harmful airborne allergens from making their way into your air ducts — but what happens if they do linger in these narrow passages? Well, we have some news for you…

Clean Air Ducts

Alright, we’re going to rephrase our previous question: when was the last time you had your home’s air ducts professionally cleaned? No, we’re not talking about scrubbing down air vents with a cloth (that only skims the surface of the problem, actually), but rather, when have you had a member from our team come into your home and give the ducts a deep cleaning?

Since airborne debris can cling to the walls of the ducts, the debris can funnel back into your home’s air, not only diminishing the overall quality, but hindering your respiratory health in the long run, too.

When you book an appointment with us, we’ll not only take the time to make sure that we’ve cleaned every square inch of the ducts, but our professionals will always do it correctly. By doing this, you’ll not only feel a huge difference in your home, but your overall air quality will improve, too. Now since that’s out of the way, let’s move onto cleaning practices, shall we?

Rethink your Cleaning

One chore that every homeowner dreads, unless they have a professional cleaning company on call, is wiping down every square inch of their home. From the bathroom to the ceiling in your kitchen, no corner should go unturned when you’re practicing good home cleaning hygiene.

However, it’s not so much missing a spot in your home that harms your indoor air quality, but rather how you clean. If you’re prone to using chemical cleaners (which, you should always try to opt for green cleaners), chances are you’re not ventilating your home properly while using them.

When you’re using a chemical cleaner, one of the most important steps is to open the windows in the room you’re cleaning. Letting some fresh air in will not only help kick the smell out in the wilderness, but it will also alleviate the cleaner from diminishing your indoor air quality.

The minute you start to clean with proper ventilation (and kick chemical cleaning agents to the curb), you’ll not only breathe in the difference, but you’ll be helping your respiratory system in the long run. Now, onto the final tip: cleaning the floor.

Cleaning the Floor

Known to be the base (literally) of your home, the floor plays a vital role in the quality of indoor air. If you typically wear your sneakers indoors, you’ll be trekking around any outdoor dander inside. And if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, the chances of the debris lingering are even greater.

To help eliminate any pests from extending their stay, make sure to mop your hardwood floors often and use the vacuum on any carpeting. Additionally, form a habit of taking your shoes off at the front door in order to keep debris at bay. Once you start to hone in on these practices, you’ll notice a clear, beautiful difference in your indoor air quality.

Still feel as if your indoor air quality needs more improvement?

If that’s the case, contact Frasier’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. at (715) 804-0947 to schedule your indoor air quality services with a professional today!

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