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Why Tankless Water Heaters?

The Holidays are great, but let’s face it – they present some annoying challenges in keeping everyone comfortable. One of the most common issues is making sure everyone has enough hot water for their baths/showers. The kids have to bathe hours before bed, just so that Aunt Gertrude can have her hour long “I’m on vacation, and Wisconsin is so dang cold” shower. The mornings are no better; all the tweens and teens fight for bathroom time…all the way to the Packer’s (hopeful) win at Ford Field. Add in dishes and all the hand washing and you are using cold water.

Sound familiar?

Our technicians are frequently asked: “I’ve heard tankless water heaters save money and water. Is this true?”

The answer, as your techs will tell you, is emphatically “YES!”

Here’s how the typical tankless water heater works:

Tankless Water Heater process

image credit: Popular Mechanics

The ability for one of these units to save you money should be readily evident. We have installed hundreds of units from many brands and varieties from Eagle River to Mosinee. Many of our customers are reporting an annual energy savings of around 20%! That’s quite a bit of money, especially in a Northern Wisconsin home.

One of the other attractive features is that they are so small. Traditional water heaters need their own room in the home. These can sit right on the wall in your mudroom, laundry room, or even a closet. Some people put them on the wall of their garage. Our Cottage Club members enjoy having them in their cabins or smaller 2nd homes because of this size benefit.

The units are also under very little stress. They only need the power to heat the water that you need right now. That means you will be (in the typical home) saving water every time you need it.

However, the greatest strength that a tankless water heater has is that you never run out of hot water.

Does your home have power?

Do you have water running to your home?

Then you will have hot water.

To learn more, head on over to our Tankless Water Heater page.

To have a tech come out and give you an expert consultation on your home’s situation and what kind of system would best suit you, book online or call: (715) 804-0947

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