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Plumbing Problems Homeowners Should Never DIY


When to Call a Professional Plumber

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life where they might run into a plumbing problem. And while a trusty professional plumber can handle it and save the day, some homeowners might feel inclined to take care of the issue themselves — all to save time and a few bucks.

However, attempting to take care of a severe plumbing problem without a professional’s help can cause more harm than good. Here are a few plumbing issues you should never try to correct on your own.

Gas-Related Issue

Sadly, there’s a chance that you may encounter a gas-related issue in your home. And while natural gas is scentless in its raw form, mercaptan is added to it to give it a rotten egg-like smell — you’ll be able to detect a leak the minute one occurs. In this instance, while you may try to attempt to take care of the issue on your own, don’t — because making the wrong move has the potential to become fatal.

In the instance that you run into a gas-related problem in your home, do not light any matches or flick on any light switches. Instead, you should immediately open up a few nearby windows and leave your home as soon as possible — running away and providing enough of a safe distance from it. Next, once outside, contact your gas company, as well as your plumber, about the issue.

Broken Sewer Line

Ah, the sewer line! This staple of your home’s plumbing system helps transport “used” water away from your humble abode and into the sewer, where it will be brought to a treatment facility and given a new life. However, there does come a time where you may experience a problem with your sewer line itself — but how so?

Often, sewer lines can sustain a crack in the line or break completely — depending on the pipe’s age and what initially caused the damage. Some ways your sewer line can be tarnished include nearby tree roots growing into the line and a severe blockage that disturbs the line’s structural integrity.

When you encounter a problem with your sewer line, the sooner you call a plumber, the better off you’ll be. If not caught in the nick of time, you can look forward to plumbing clogs around your home, as well as a foul odor lingering around your property (and seeping through your toilet and drains, too).

Burst Pipes

If you’ve ever encountered a burst pipe in your home, you know that there’s nothing more infuriating and frightening. Even the smallest fracture in the pipe can turn your once lavish home into a flooded floor plan. While you must examine the exposed pipework in your humble abode every so often, the task usually is forgotten about or swept under the rug.

If you find yourself with a burst pipe on your hands, don’t attempt to plug up the crack or burst — instead, locate your main water valve, turn it off, and give your plumber a call. While a minor crack is sometimes a simple fix, a more grandiose fracture may be a subtle hint to have your home repiped to avoid the incident somewhere else down the line.

Replacing a Plumbing Fixture With No Experience

We’ve all been there: You suddenly have the urge to replace a toilet, sink, or bathtub in your home — not only to reap the luxury of a new fixture but to give your pad an updated look. While the task may seem simple at first glance, it could be rather tricky — especially if the proper precautions are not taken before starting the job.

For instance, if you forget to turn off your home’s water supply, you could end up flooding your humble abode when taking the original plumbing fixture apart. Another thing to consider is that you could risk a leak or a potential problem down the line if you overtighten or strip a piece of the new fixture.

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