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My Favorite Costume

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When I was six years old, I dressed up as my favorite sailor for Halloween.

Not Popeye. Not Captain Hook.

My favorite sailor… was my dad.

I’ve always looked up to my dad. So when the time came to pick out a Halloween costume, I decided to dress up like my hero.

Dad was in the Navy. So I wore his Navy hat, his Navy jacket, and I used his green duffle bag to hold my candy.

Yes, the hat and jacket were a little big on me, but I didn’t care. I was just proud to wear dad’s uniform.


Our first stop on Halloween was the Memorial Building where Rhinelander used to throw an annual costume party.

Boy, I tell ya, some people would go all out. I was always impressed with the creativity of the costumes. I remember someone making a fire engine out of a refrigerator box. It should come as no surprise that I never did win the costume contest. But I didn’t care. I just wanted to have fun… and get candy.

So my buddies and I would leave the costume party and start knocking on doors.


Back then, we could trick-or-treat at all times of the night. That meant we could hit every house in town. Or at least as many as we could.

Then, we’d head back home, dump our loot into one gigantic pile, and ration out the candy so we didn’t eat it all in one night. That was mom’s idea. I guess she was worried about our teeth. She didn’t want us looking like a toothless jack-o-lantern. Which, by the way, was another one of my favorite Halloween costumes.

But it doesn’t top the time I dressed up as my favorite sailor.


Thanks, dad.

What was your favorite Halloween costume? Did you go as one of your heroes? I’d love to hear about it.

Take care, neighbor. Take good care.

P.S. – Here’s a fun fact: the two most popular Halloween costumes for pets are the pumpkin and the hot dog. Chili and onions not included.


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