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A Tank-less Toilet…with a Bladder?

One of the exciting things about living during the present tech and design boom is seeing how they bleed into areas of our every day lives. We’ve seen it with the revolutionary thermostats from NEST, as well as many other home control devices.

Yet, one of the areas that has seemed a bit slow on the design front is that of bathroom plumbing. Specifically, the toilet.

To be sure, there have been some great advancements in the tech that we see. Most involve using less water per flush or a more ergonomic design.

A clear stand-out came from right here in Wisconsin: Kohler’s Numi Toilet.

Take a good look at her, because with a price hovering around $4,500 (just for the system itself), it’s a bit beyond most of our personal budgets. But, for the discerning consumer, having totally customize-able flush and bidet settings directed by your wireless controller is hard to put a price tag on.

But, there is light on the horizon for the rest of us. A designer named David Hashimoto has come up with a revolutionary re-design of the modern toilet called the Element Water Closet.

It is designed to take up minimal space, use very little water, and require minimal cleaning effort. It’s also tank-less. We’ve mentioned before how the combination of H2O and toilet bacteria can create major health hazards in the home. This design looks to bypass that issue as best it can, while also providing more room in what is often the smallest room in a home.​

Unfortunately, as of right now, it’s not available on the market yet as they are moving to patent. However, if it does make it through the hurdles of the US Patent Office, we could see it here in the Northwoods very soon.

In any case, the tech and design revolution has made it to our homes and we are excited to see the more beautiful and sanitary future it provides.

Check out more of the Element design photos below, and share your thoughts on our social media pages.

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