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When Should I Get a New Water Heater Installed?


One of the most essential pieces of the plumbing puzzle is a water heater. Known as a device that lives up to its name, hot water would be scarce in your home if it weren’t for this gadget. And just like any good thing in life, a water heater doesn’t last forever — no matter how well you take care of it.

That being said, if you’re not sure whether or not you should replace your current model, here are some signs to look for before making the switch.

Hot Water Is Nonexistent

Picture this: You’re looking to start your day with a nice, hot shower, only to find that you’re stuck with ice-cold water (no matter how high you turn that knob). This is typically the first and most common sign that indicates that your water heater needs to be replaced. Now, if it seems like an utter mystery as to how this could happen, there are a few possibilities for the problem at hand.

The first issue is that your unit is ready for retirement. Typically, tank model water heaters can last up to about 12 years, but that’s only the case if it has regular care and maintenance (i.e., tune-up appointments and annual flushes). Another standard error is that the pilot light might go out entirely. And, of course, if there’s nothing to heat the water, then you’ll be looking at glacial water temperatures in the days to come.

Water Supply has a Metal Smell

Since the start of your years in science class, you’ve learned that water is not only a flavorless liquid, but it is odorless, too. However, when your water heater starts to “play its final performance,” there’s a chance that it might make your water supply smell quite repulsive.

Now, the reason being is that when a tank is heading towards its retirement age, it can begin to deteriorate from the inside out. And when this happens, pieces that flake off from the tank can mix with the water — which will provide you with that dreadful smell (and taste, in some instances).

Rust Seems to Appear in Water

On the topic of your water heater deteriorating, there’s a chance it could also be rusting. Since this happens internally, typically, this will give your water supply a brown, murky appearance when it comes out of any faucet in your home. Now, if this is ignored for quite some time, there’s a possibility that your water heater could start to leak because of the rust — something that no homeowner ever wants to face because it could cause a series of irreversible damage.

It’s Making Loud Noises

Every time your water heater is in use, do you hear loud, unsettling noises coming from it? If so, there’s a chance that there could be sediment buildup at the bottom of the water heater’s tank. This, of course, will make your unit work twice as hard to heat water. The reason being is that the sediment will get in the way of your water being heated up, since all heating occurs at the base of the tank. To combat this, you’ll have to have your water flushed annually — and if that doesn’t help make a difference, then you’ll have to replace your unit right away.

If You Need Your Water Heater Replaced, Consider it Done!

Whether you’re looking to get another tank model or a tankless unit, your friends at Frasier’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. can help! Give our friendly team a call at (715) 804-0947 to schedule your appointment or visit our website to learn more about our plumbing services!

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