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The Greatest Father’s Day Gift

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Father’s Day, 1998.

Some dads golf. Some fathers grill out. But my dad and grandpa spent every Father’s Day out on the lake.

This particular Father’s Day, my oldest boy Jarred and I were also fishing from our own boat.

We had already landed a couple of muskies, a bass, and a walleye when I noticed Dad and Grandpa’s boat veering out onto the lake.

We knew they had a sucker out, so we assumed they were following a muskie.

Jarred and I slowly, quietly followed from a distance.

Sure enough, they had found a muskie… and my dad had the rod.


Now, Grandpa fished every single day, but my dad was busy working every day, so he rarely fished.

It was quite a sight. My 89-year-old grandpa coaching my sixty-something dad on how to follow the muskie, watch the bobber, and set the hook.

Grandpa was a pretty good coach… because Dad got the fish.

That was a good day.


We didn’t know it at the time, but that was the last Father’s Day with Grandpa. It was the final time that four generations would be out on the water fishing together.

I snapped a few Polaroids of Dad and Grandpa out in that old blue Lund boat.

That boat became my dad’s and, eventually, it was handed down to me.


Looking back… that was the greatest Father’s Day gift I ever received. And I’m not talking about the boat.

Happy Father’s Day, neighbor.

Take care. Take good care.

P.S. – Here’s the Muskie my son Jarred caught that day.


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