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Our October Overture

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Howdy, Neighbor. People have been telling Phil he’s a good storyteller for a long time… so we are trying something new and pretty-much non-sales Just sharing occasional sweet stories, tall tales, and life lessons learned around these parts. Northwoods Notes are a new, semi-bi-irregular peek into the heart and mind of Phil Frasier… you can read or listen… whichever you prefer… and you are receiving a copy because you’re a current customer of Frasier’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. We think you’ll like them, but you can unsubscribe any time by clicking on the link at the bottom. But we hope you give us a chance!




The arrival of October brings about a transformation in the Northwoods.

As the month evolves, the lakes gear up for their grand metamorphosis. You can almost sense the excitement, like the lakes are whispering secrets to each other. The air grows brisk and colder than the water, which creates a mystical fog that blankets the scene and heralds the new season.

The fish sense it, too. They stir and become livelier, as if they’ve caught wind to the show that’s about to begin. And boy, do they put on a performance! It’s like they’re saying, “Let the games begin!”

Alas, the loons have made their exit stage left. No worries, though, for the ducks have arrived to take on their roles. The fall migration of ducks is a sight to behold, as is the lush color-changing landscape. The air carries the earthy scent of leaves donning their vibrant coats and invigorates the senses!

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Fishing in the fall is a true art form. Gone are the sweltering, breezeless, and oppressive days of summer. Now the Northwoods becomes a bustling hub of activity as hunters and anglers alike venture forth with hearts full of anticipation.

And what of that trusty thermos of hot coffee? In October, it’s not just a drink; it’s a cherished companion. A steaming cup of joe contrasting the chilly air gives us a little glimpse of heaven. And it sure beats sipping hot coffee in scorching August heat.

October in the Northwoods is, simply put, enchanting. It’s my favorite time of the year filled with outdoor adventures, cherished family moments, and stories passed down through generations.

A lake surrounded by green and orange trees. Across the top are the words

Each day is a new chapter in the story and a fresh canvas for Mother Nature’s artistry. Whether it’s the thrill of the hunt or the patience of fishing, October’s offerings are the harvest season’s gifts.

Joanna tends to her garden, and I explore the waters and woods, filling our freezer with nature’s bounty. But it’s not only us; our friends and family are sharing in the excitement from every corner of the continent. Exchanging photos and stories creates a camaraderie like no other.

In essence, my fellow adventurers, October in the Northwoods is a time of renewal and reconnection with nature. It’s a season of shared experiences. And I’m thrilled to share it with you.

A misty lake surrounded but fall foliage. Across the top are the words

As you sink into October’s comfortable embrace, may your heart be as warm as that thermos of coffee and your stories as colorful as the changing leaves.

Here’s to creating more tales to share around the campfire!

Take care, Neighbors. Take good care.

Phil Frasier

P.S. – If you’ve never been to the Northwoods, consider this your invitation.

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