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Moment of Crisis

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Howdy, Neighbor. People have been telling Phil he’s a good storyteller for a long time… so we are trying something new and pretty-much non-sales Just sharing occasional sweet stories, tall tales, and life lessons learned around these parts. Northwoods Notes are a new, semi-bi-irregular peek into the heart and mind of Phil Frasier… you can read or listen… whichever you prefer… and you are receiving a copy because you’re a current customer of Frasier’s Plumbing and Heating, Inc. We think you’ll like them, but you can unsubscribe any time by clicking on the link at the bottom. But we hope you give us a chance!



I was a 26-year-old living in Winter, Wisconsin when I became an EMT.

Phil Zimmerman and I took the training together. They called us “The Two Phil’s.”

We initially got into it because Phil and I took a group of kids on occasional outdoor excursions. So, we thought it best to have some medical training in case something happened.

We began our training with a wilderness EMT course. It was kinda like an advanced first-aid class.

An emergency vehicle with text overlayed, describing one's experience with an EMT course

It wasn’t long before the local ambulance crew got wind of what we were doing and invited us to join their crew as EMT’s.

So, we went to work earning our state and national licenses. That required passing a practical and written exam, along with continual education every year.

From that day on, whenever someone called 911 needing an ambulance, The Two Phil’s would spring into action.

An emergency vehicle with text overlayed, describing Phil's EMT experiences

I dreaded hearing my pager go off, but when it went did, I was ready. No matter where I was or what I was doing, it was my duty to drop everything and help. I’d turn on my flashers on, drive like a madman to the fire station, hop in the ambulance, and take off.

That’s how it is in most rural areas. In a bigger town like Rhinelander, EMT’s are always on call at the station.  But, in the tiny towns and remote areas, first responders respond from their homes.

EMT’s are special people. They train to survey the situation so they know exactly who to help and how to help them. If you rolled up to an accident with multiple cars, you’d have to quickly determine which injured person got priority. It had nothing to do with their age, gender, or the color of their skin. We triaged them in the manner we were trained.

The first hour of trauma is the most critical. I thrived on helping people in those tough situations.

And I tell ya… I loved it.

Phil and I were one heck of a team. We did some amazing work together.

An emergency vehicle with text overlayed, describing Phil's EMT experiences

Being an EMT helped me discover that I excel in crisis situations.

Was it scary at times? Sure.

Did I see things I never want to see again. Absolutely.

Do I miss it? Every day.

It was exactly what I was supposed to be doing at that time in my life. But then, I was called to come back to help my dad run the business.

How do you handle a crisis? Can you keep your head about you while all around you are losing theirs?

Maybe you should sign up for an EMT class.

Just sayin’.

Take care, Neighbor. Take good care.

Phil Frasier.

PS – The first-aid kit was first invented by Robert Wood Johnson. He and his brothers also invented the Band-Aid. Perhaps you’ve heard of his company… Johnson & Johnson.

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