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How To Keep Pipes From Freezing in a Wisconsin Winter

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Northern Wisconsin is known for its brisk, brutally cold winters. Unfortunately, this puts homeowners’ pipes at a greater risk of freezing, and freezing pipes come with many dangers should the issue go unaddressed.

Several steps should be taken to prevent your pipes from freezing before the temperatures drop. Additionally, there are things you can do to resolve the issue if your pipes do freeze. Below, we discuss what you can do in both scenarios.

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How Do Pipes Freeze?

When the temperature outside dips to extreme lows, pipes are susceptible to freezing. At least a little water continuously flows through your pipes, which will freeze in drastically cold weather. Pipes are also at a greater risk of freezing if not adequately insulated, as insulation protects the exposed piping from the elements.

Dangers of Frozen Pipes

Preparing your pipes for the cold is crucial to prevent them from freezing. Frozen pipes can wreak havoc on your plumbing system and cost you a lot in repairs that could have easily been avoided! When the water in your pipes freezes, it can expand from 40 pounds per square inch up to 40,000 pounds. An expanse in water can lead to a burst pipe, as pipes are not designed to withhold that amount of pressure. When pipes burst, water can shoot back up, flooding your home. This can lead to water damage, mold, and mildew, requiring an expensive fix.

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Preventing Your Pipes From Freezing: A Guide

The potential of frozen pipes can be scary. Fortunately, homeowners can follow a list of steps to prevent it from happening. Follow the steps below to ensure your pipes don’t freeze this winter:

  • Keep your home’s temperature above 55 degrees
  • Let water drip from your faucets, allowing for a constant flow of water through your pipes that will prevent pressure buildup
  • Turn off any appliance outside that is connected to the water
  • Leave cabinet and pantry doors open to warm exposed pipes
  • Ensure pipes are appropriately insulated
  • Close valves that control the water supply inside

What To Do if Your Pipes Freeze

If your pipes do freeze, don’t fret — there are ways to thaw them out before they burst! First, check your exposed piping for a buildup of ice. After this, shut off your home’s water supply and allow water to flow through the pipes by opening the faucet. Apply heat directly to the pipes with a hair dryer until all the ice is melted. From there, you can slowly turn the water back on, inspecting your pipework for leaks or damage.

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