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Our First (Pan Fishing) Date

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The pan fish were spawning in the lake by my house. And I was trying to find ‘em.

I’d been out on a part of the lake I don’t normally frequent throwing a Rapala to lure some musky. It’s working, too. In fact, it was working too well.

I hooked a 30-inch musky… and then, a bigger musky grabbed him. It was awesome! The same thing happened the week prior with a walleye and a different hungry musky.

Anyway, I was back out on the lake one day this week. I found a long stretch of water that I don’t typically fish. But, this time, I felt an urge to investigate.

There was no wind and the water was clear as glass. So I could see a mother lode of crappie and bluegill.

Oh yeah. It’s pan fishing time.

A fish jumping out of the water. Across the top are the words

My wife, Joanna, and I are planning our first pan fishing date. Well, technically, it’s a double date. We’re going fishin’ for bluegill with another other couple.

And lemme tell ya, it’s uncommon for me to do things like this with other couples. Not that I don’t enjoy their company. I’ve just never had the time.

But spending time with others has become important to Joanna and I.  

A small fish with a hook in its mouth, with a quote about quality time

As I get closer to retirement age, I’m noticing all the things we didn’t do together because of our commitment to our business, our kids, and our other responsibilities.

I’ve been reflecting on life, the unexpected things that happen, the loved ones we’ve lost, and the time that’s slipped away.

I find myself wanting to spend all the time I can with the most important people in my life… especially my wife.  

A fish jumping out of the water. Across the top are the words

There’s an old saying… I can’t remember exactly how it goes… something like, “you spend the first half of your life building things up and the second half breaking them down.”

Why are we always chasing the next big flashy thing? Is it really that important?

Because all of the sudden, you wake up and realize that you missed out on so many other special moments.

So, I’m making an effort to take it all in. To spend more of the time I have left creating memories with the ones I love.

And it starts with our first pan fishing date.

A small fish with a hook in its mouth, with a quote about a fishing date

I hope you get to make it out on the lake with your own pan fishing date.

Take care, neighbor. Take good care.

Phil Frasier.

PS – Anytime someone asks you what lake your fishing, always tell them Lard Lake. When they ask where that lake is, tell em right next to a pig’s butt.

A smiling pig, looking over an orange fence

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