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Year of joining Frasier’s: 2016

Years in field of expertise: I’m new!

Hometown: Marshfield, WI

Moved to the Northwoods: 2011

School: Columbus High School in Marshfield, WI and the University of Wisconsin, Madison

Certifications/Awards: HR Professional Certificate from MRA

What I enjoy most about my job: Being able to help those around me achieve success in their positions; I also love delivering parts to customer homes, as it lets me get out into the communities and sometimes the wilderness!

Something that is tough, but rewarding about my job: Solving logistical issues to ensure we can get the customer what they need when they need it

Favorite thing about working in downtown Rhinelander: Actually being able to frequent the locally owned restaurants

Favorite Northwoods community and why: The communities and lakes around the Woodruff area have always been a favorite of mine. There’s just something about the variety and dispersion of the trees that has been very relaxing to me.

Top 3 activities in the Northwoods: Fishing, hiking, and eating at Mexican restaurants

Hobbies: Fishing and anything computer or electronics related

Favorite sports team: Green Bay Packers!

What brings me the most joy in life: Watching animals go about their business in the forests and communities of the Northwoods, especially when my family is there to experience it with me

Personal hero & why: I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Aaron Rodgers. He has always struck me as a man that has always been cool, confident, and respectful, despite fame and the drama that always swirls around him and the NFL.

Volunteer Work: Rhinelander Food Pantry

Favorite snack: Pretzels; from giant soft pretzels all the way to tiny stick pretzels, they are all the best—and don’t even get me started on the yogurt covered ones!