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Looking to Conserve Water at Home? Here’s How.


Do you feel as if you’re using an excessive amount of water each day? Better yet, how high was your last monthly water bill? If the grand total was a tad steep, then you might want to start conserving water sooner, rather than later. Sure, it’s typically easier-said-than-done, but cutting back on your water consumption is a lot simpler than you think. If you’re looking for the best tips on how to do so, here are some nuggets of wisdom to take into consideration:

Only Wet the Brush

Whether you brush your teeth once or twice-a-day, how often do you tend to leave the faucet running while doing so? For most homeowners, it’s typical to let the water flow until they’ve finished rinsing at the end of a brushing session. Even if you only leave the water running for a minute or two, you’re wasting much more water than you realize.

To conserve water while brushing your teeth, it’s best to only wet the brush and fill up a rinse cup. Once these steps are complete, shut the faucet off, slather on some toothpaste and begin brushing. Don’t worry if any excess toothpaste plummets into the sink, because you can always rinse that away when you’re entirely done brushing your pearly whites!

Time Your Showers

On average, how long do your showers tend to last? If the duration of a shower goes anywhere over 5 minutes, maximum, then we have some bad news to share: you’re wasting a significant amount of water. While it may seem harmless to take long showers here and there, it’s best to cut back on the duration altogether and opt for a much shorter shower.

The best way to help keep your showers on the shorter end is to time yourself. Whether you’re using a smartphone’s stopwatch or a portable kitchen timer, any way you choose to keep track of the time will be better than not watching the clock at all. As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to make sure that a shower never surpasses 5 minutes. If you keep your showers even shorter, not only will you cut back on your water consumption, but you’ll also save money on your next water bill — which is always a plus.

Purchase an Eco-friendly Showerhead

If you’re looking to save even more water while showering, then investing in a low-flow showerhead is a great bonus! Known to use at least 1.5 GPM (gallons per minute), a low-flow showerhead will cut back on the amount of water that is used and will still provide you with an enjoyable showering experience! Of course, just like a traditional showerhead, these special green shower fixtures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, providing you with an endless amount of options to find the perfect fit for your bathroom!

Water Your Yard Wisely

Sometimes, it can seem effortless to turn on your sprinkler(s) and water your yard all day and night. While it may feel best to give your greenery an endless supply of H2O, it’s possible to not only waste water but to overwater your yard. This, of course, will cause your plants to wilt and shorten their lifespans.

To keep your greenery green and cut back on water consumption, it’s best to water your property early in the morning. Not only will this help provide an adequate amount of water, but it will also help beat the sun’s rays from evaporating most of it, helping to cease the urge of wanting to water your yard for an even longer duration.

Are You Following These Tips, but Still Seem to Be Using More Water?

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