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  • Why Tankless Water Heaters?
    Why Tankless Water Heaters?

    The Holidays are great, but let’s face it – they present some annoying challenges in keeping everyone comfortable. One of the most common issues is making sure everyone has enough hot water for their ...

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  • The Pontoon Water Heater
    The Pontoon Water Heater

    Well, this was interesting… The Northwoods of Wisconsin is a unique place to do business. We mentioned last week that in our early years, it was was not uncommon to take plumbing supplies to a job ...

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  • New Water Heater Efficiency Standards - A Primer
    New Water Heater Efficiency Standards - A Primer

    In an effort to help citizens cut monthly utility usage and costs, the US Department of Energy will be enforcing new production standards for water heaters – starting April 16th. This will mean that ...

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  • Rusty Heating Systems - A Bad Day.
    Rusty Heating Systems - A Bad Day.

    When the Frasier’s heating technician arrived at this client’s home, he found a blackened 1″ air filter, rotting burners, and a plugged secondary heat exchanger. “The furnace is not heating the house ...

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