Save the Urinal?

With Hodag Country Festival kicking off this week, that means one thing for certain: every lavatory in Rhinelander is going to take a beating.

And there will be the huge use of water as well.

But, what if you could save some water, and still enjoy a sanitary festival week?


I present to you for your review – The Stand.


This amazing urinal from across the pond has a trick up it’s trap…quite literally.


Now, when one is done using the urinal, you can use the very same water that you wash your hands with on the top to rinse the urinal itself. That sounds great right?

But, what we’re wondering is, “How sanitary will this actually be?” Particularly if used at events where the beer flows like wine…?

Whether you’re partaking in the festival as a Rhinelander native, or traveling up from Wausau, or down from Eagle River – please enjoy a safe and memorable weekend at the Festival!

We will be available to handle all plumbing and A/C emergencies that you may have over the weekend, so do not hesitate to call. And yes, our techs will provide the professional service you’ve come to know and enjoy.