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  • Dirty Heating
    Dirty Heating

    IT STARTED LIKE ANY OTHER FURNACE INSPECTION… We had received a call for setting up a furnace inspection as part of our Nicolet Welcome Wagon promotion. One of our certified heating technicians here ...

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  • Why Air Conditioning Costs So Much
    Why Air Conditioning Costs So Much

    A friend of mine from out of state just bought their first home air conditioning system this last week. They were excited to share with me how much more comfortable their home is now and how cheap it ...

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  • The Pontoon Water Heater
    The Pontoon Water Heater

    Well, this was interesting… The Northwoods of Wisconsin is a unique place to do business. We mentioned last week that in our early years, it was was not uncommon to take plumbing supplies to a job ...

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  • A Blast From the Past
    A Blast From the Past

    This week, we had the rare opportunity to finally meet a family fundamental in our company and family’s past. Since our founding by George Frasier in 1918, our family has had the privilege of working ...

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  • Sweaty Nights - the Problem of Summer Humidity
    Sweaty Nights - the Problem of Summer Humidity

    Your may have noticed, that over the last few weeks, the evenings have become more humid. Much more humid. Take Rhinelander’s 10 day weather outlook for example: That green line represents the ...

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  • It's Cooling Time!
    It's Cooling Time!

    Today, it is pretty warm out, and we’re expecting more heat tomorrow. Every year, around the middle to end of May, we know that the summer heat will start to set in here in the Rhinelander area. It’s ...

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