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Homes Built Before 1980: Beware the Orangeburg!

We have some helpful information for you homeowners with homes built before 1980. Read the facts on Orangeburg septic pipes in the infographic below, and then learn what you can do at the end if this applies to you and your home.

Orangburg apocalypse infographic

Here at Frasier’s we have some really simple and effective options for diagnosing your home’s septic line to see if you are in need of immediate replacement.

What we do, is start with a very non-instrusive camera inspection. We have a specially designed camera that goes through your pipe, and we can show you the conditions. You can inspect the pipe with your own eyes as one of our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians guides the camera.

From that point, you the home-owner will decide what course of action to take next. As you saw from our photos, there can be some digging involved to get at the pipe to replace it. We make sure that you are entirely satisfied with the dig and reconstructive work before we leave! Any cosmetic changes will be back to normal in no time, with the suspect pipe professionally replaced with a brand new, long-lasting line.