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3 Ways Your Home Will Haunt You.

Story 1: A Bathroom Choking

It was a dark and stormy night. You had just put your little monsters to bed after watching the highlights from the hometown sports on the nightly news. Now, it was your time. Your time to relax and unwind.

You step in to your bathroom and flip on the light.

And there it is, staring at you. Your toilet.

It has been a battle with your toilet as of late. Using it is like playing “Bathroom Flood Roulette.”

Will it plug? Will you be safe?

You decide to risk it.

Turns out, for lack of a delicate way to say this, that was a big mistake.

You now have a deluge rushing up the sides of the bowl. You attack the bowl with your plunger like Liam Neesan fighting off a wolf.

You fight bravely…but you are terrified of hitting that flush lever.

“What should I do when my toilet won’t flush? What do I do when I can’t unplug it?” you ask.

Story 2: The Strangled Drain

Installed in 2008, your drain lines have been that silent force for good in your home. You use it for everything: laundry, showers, baths, dish washing, waste removal, and even washing your fruits & veggies. It stalwart, and you trust it implicitly.

Until tonight.

Tonight, you woke up to the sound of an unfamiliar alarm noise. It wasn’t your fire alarm, and your kids hadn’t switched your phone’s ring tone.

The sound was coming from your basement.

Your stomach flips. Your palms sweat.

You grab the 9 Iron and head for the stairs…dreading who or what you will find.

You hit the light switch.

To your horror, you see that your castle was indeed breached. However, it wasn’t a person or a black bear.

It’s sewage. Raw sewage.

“Why did my septic line back up? How do I stop sewage from coming in to my home?” you ask.

Story 3: Uncle Ted’s Skin

He’s back. Your mother’s dearest friend has shown up and has claimed his spot on the couch again. Uncle Ted – king of the slackers and all things disgusting.

You dread his every move, this monstrous vagabond goes wherever he wants in your home.

It’s not his need to touch absolutely everything in your home. It’s not the way that he leaves the living room looking during the day. And it’s not even how he chews and slurps his food.

It’s the scratching. It’s the burping. And, it’s that horrid odor that follows him – no matter what you feed him.

Your kids are wheezing. Your husband has been picking up every bug that shows up at the pub. And you have the worst headaches and migraines of your life.

Uncle Ted is slowly killing you.

Uncle Ted is your mom’s aging cat.

“Is the air in my house safe? What is causing my headaches? Why is my family always sick?”

These are all issues our customers deal with.

Don’t feel bad if you have the same questions as stated above. We’ve seen asthma issues from pets ranging from Woodruff to Mosinee. We’ve cleared septic lines in Three Lakes and Merrill for decades. And we’ve certainly been fixing toilets in Rhinelander, Crandon, and everywhere else in our service area for nearly 100 years.

Our techs can answer these questions for you, and we will be answering these questions in this blog for you in the coming weeks so that you can be prepared.

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