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  • A Tank-less Toilet...with a Bladder?
    A Tank-less Toilet...with a Bladder?

    One of the exciting things about living during the present tech and design boom is seeing how they bleed into areas of our every day lives. We’ve seen it with the revolutionary thermostats from NEST, ...

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  • Is Your Home Making You Sick?
    Is Your Home Making You Sick?

    Can Mold Make Me Sick? Many people wonder if mold can make them sick – in short, yes. It’s especially harmful for those with compromised respiratory systems and serious mold allergies. Because the ...

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  • Sweaty Toilet? Yuck!
    Sweaty Toilet? Yuck!

    It has been a fairly nice summer thus far, and with fall on the way, we’re beginning to move in to the dog days of summer. That means warm spells and higher humidity. With that higher humidity and ...

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  • "How My Home Flooded, Twice."

    We have a guest post this week from none other than Joanna Frasier – working mother of 5 (whom she home-schooled), and partner in the ownership of Frasier’s Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Joanna loves ...

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